Books about wolves

Wolf Totem = interesting in terms of social history, but otherwise a rather straightforward Chinese version of White Fang. I’m surprised it won the Man Asian Booker. I wonder whether Wolf Solent will be any better…

It wasn’t only wolf books that I picked up however. In Praise of Older Women is next on my list. Pleased to say the nipple adorning the front cover is not why I selected it.

In other non-wolf or nipple news, the latest Horizontal Ground release is ace as is the SCB/Marcell Dettman collaboration. Initial indications are that the Thomas Fehlman RA podcast is also worth a listen. Really is a lot of good music around at the mo!

P.S. Watching season 5 of 24 with the ‘fron (she’s catching up). Even the second time round I’m astonished anyone still doubts Bauer about anything.


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