A Vision of the Future

So our week in Pollenca is coming to an end. Generally lots of fun, though a little intense in parts. Spending time with so many in their 50s/60s brings our future all too much to life! Endless drinking, eating and shrieking apparently. All back to reality tomorrow… Advertisements

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running and its consequences

After what felt like a lifetime of training, the Brighton marathon finally arrived yesterday. Despite all the preparation, I was unable to pace myself properly and was really flagging between 22 and 24 miles. Then the crowds got me going again and I managed to get across the line in a decent time! I can […]

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What to say I wonder…

Some things that may be of interest are:

  1. I love toast and Bovril
  2. I can speak Japanese (not as well as I once could mind)
  3. I have never crossed the equator
  4. Schopenhauer was a miserable git, but a genius

Take from that what you will.